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Our Story

Building A Stronger Community



Established in 1887 by Jews fleeing persecution and deprivation in Europe, the Gateshead Jewish community is the third largest Orthodox Jewish (Haredi) community in the UK. 

Its 600+ families follow a religious way of life, perpetuating deeply-held traditions and beliefs. The community is further characterised by strong family values and the positive attributes of tolerance, compassion, social action and civic responsibility play a central role. 

Their religious, social and cultural norms often result in social inequity in the form of various barriers and challenges around poverty, employment, health and digital exclusion, inhibiting life chances and limiting opportunity for the community. 

Gateshead is located in an area ranking on the bottom decile (lowest 10%) on the Index of Multiple Deprivation.

The North East is particularly impacted by disproportionately high rates of child poverty, with many people receiving in-work welfare benefits.

Low income and large household size (average 6+), compounded by cost of living crisis, leaves families struggling to make ends meet.

A bedrock of stability

Established in 1997, the Jewish Community Council of Gateshead exists to break the barriers and address the inequalities this BAME community faces, bridging the gap by delivering crucial support, advocacy and opportunity in a culturally appropriate way. 

Through a wide range of programs and initiatives, and working with a range of local and regional partners, the JCCG plays a key role in improving the social, economic and health prospects of this BAME community, fortunately with clearly demonstrated positive outcomes.

The Gateshead Jewish community is recognised as a bedrock of stability for the borough, and through its activities, the JCCG seeks to facilitate the community’s continued positive contribution to the local area.


Who We Are

Our mission is to break down barriers and open doors of opportunity to ensure equitable access to everyone.

We are professional

We run our operation with the highest standards of professionalism and excellence, using our extensive lived experience and in-depth local knowledge to advance our cause.

We are empowering

We actively involve and engage our users and the community in discussion, feedback and decision-making processes so they feel heard and valued.

We are personable

We treat all callers and enquiries with friendliness and openness, never judging or rejecting those different from us.

We are creative

We are innovative and flexible when meeting the needs of the community, working strategically to address evolving trends as they emerge and keeping tabs on the changing landscape, poised to pivot.

What We Are

Each of our initiatives is research-based and targeted to fill an emerging need, thus delivering excellent outcomes – and 100% track record – across the board, e.g. our vaccine awareness and implementation resulted in 106% increase in child vaccinations over three years.

Our programmes are created around the community’s cultural needs, down to the minutest details, whether gender-specific swimming sessions or scheduling skills courses or fitness sessions in the evening, when an adult is home for the family.

Our trustees come from the same BAME community we support, giving them an authentic, frontline understanding of the challenges within. Similarly, it makes the community feel safe accepting guidance from us, which allows us to explore issues and support people in a direct manner.

We’ve built up a trusted network of connections and collaborations with external agencies which enables us to make representations and advocate to the most appropriate parties, opening up doors to new opportunities and strategic partnerships. 

Our community centre, which houses everything from workshops to an IT suite, baby clinics to community events, is located in the heart of the community, making our essential services a short stroll from every direction, giving easy access to a better future for all.


Where We Are

Our centrally located base, the Bewick Centre, provides a friendly, culturally-suitable facility for our broad range of services designed to fit the community’s religious and cultural needs.

From its Bewick Centre base, the JCCG provides a broad range of services designed to work for the community, its religion, cultural norms and lifestyle choices. These include – but are not limited to – an internet drop-in facility, employment support, exercise classes, welfare and benefits guidance, themed educational health events, and support to local charities.