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The Labriut Healthy Living Centre

Welcome To Wellbeing

The Jewish community in Gateshead faces health inequalities experienced across all age groups. The wider determinants of health – such as poverty and deprivation, insecure housing and other specific cultural causes including less access to mainstream and social media health messaging – negatively affect health and wellbeing outcomes for this ethnically minoritised community. 

For example, only 33% of local families reported ‘adequate’ opportunity for physical activity – contrasting with Sport England Local Insights reporting that 61.8% of Gateshead residents live physically active lifestyles. 

Our flagship project, the Labriut Healthy Living Centre, strives to challenge and redress the balance by providing highly-acclaimed health and wellbeing programmes and education to the community in a culturally appropriate way.


With its in-depth understanding of the community and its cultural and religious norms, Labriut’s place-based approach aims to surmount challenges by identifying common themes and scheduling educational and awareness events for the community, in addition to other health initiatives such its ever-popular suite of exercise sessions and mother & baby drop-in. 

It also acts as a single point of contact for external agencies, building trusted partnerships to improve access and outcomes. 

Labriut has had a profound impact on its people’s level of access to health services and on reducing health inequalities and social isolation in the community, forming a key component of the JCCG’s operation.


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JCCG: Just what the doctor ordered

“As a local GP serving the community, it is so helpful to have the support and advice from Labriut. We work closely with Labriut to protect everyone from health related risks. It has been invaluable to collaborate on messaging and use local facilities to ensure that vaccinations and advice is as close to the community as possible, helping both the community and those of us who are serving people in the community.”

Dr Ruth Bonnington,
Bewick Road Surgery

Our Team

The People Who Power It

Corinne Benoliel

Chavi Gluck

With many years of experience working with inside Jewish communities nationally, Chavi is responsible for planning and implementing Labriut’s health and wellbeing events and services in a culturally appropriate way, to best serve the interest of the community.

Varda Kruger

Labriut Healthy Living Centre, Health & Education Outreach Worker Varda has a BA in education and is a qualified counsellor, with additional training in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice. Varda draws on her expertise in mental health to ensure that events meet maximum impact, building knowledge and empowering participants.